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Winds of Change

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Late one night, well into the evening, I routinely grabbed my wallet, keys and phone to take with me for a typical weekday Target run. However, instead of hastily making my way to the front door, eager to spend more money than intended at Target, I stopped by my closet for one last essential: a specific piece of outerwear.

As if summoned on command, a gentle breeze crept through my window and into my room, announcing the impending seasonal winds of change with its gust.

Full of glee, I opened my closet door, scanned to the middle where all my jackets and sweaters are located and locked eyes with my Sherpa-lined Levi’s jean jacket – an essential part of my fall and winter wardrobe rotation.

This reunion brought with it a beautiful medley of change, excitement and zen. For you see, when this particular jacket is worn, it’s as if Carpo herself is announcing to me that fall is here and summer has been left in the rearview mirror.

So, with a familiar ally by my side, I closed my window to prevent the chilled winds from cocooning my dogs and enthusiastically went about my business.

The mild drafts were pleasant and were no match for my jacket and we conquered the elements with ease – I wish I could say the same for my wallet at Target.

Upon returning home, I dejectedly removed the jacket from me and placed it in its resting place, enthusiastically anticipating our next reunion. However brief, this night officially marked the start of fall for me and I could not be more excited. With my Sherpa-lined Levi’s jean jacket watching my back, how could I not be?

I have yet to put my jacket back on since that day, but I know, like clockwork, once the thermostat hits a certain threshold again and the autumn breezes fill the air, my jacket will be ready like a loyal and dependable friend.

How fitting.

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