marck parra


Hooked On A Feeling

The sun rose on a calm Saturday morning in Long Beach, CA, casting its omnipresent warmth across the horizon. The fish were biting, the coffee was strong, but most importantly, everything seemed right in the world. With sunglasses in hand, I took to my seat on the rocks next to where my friends were preparing …

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Dallas Cowboys NFL 23 Season meme

Dear Dallas Cowboys,

The 2023 NFL season is about to kick off and I’m ready for the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott to disappoint me one more time.  This time, however, I’ll be ready for it.  Instead of having the highest of expectations like in past seasons, I’ve already prepared myself for the inevitable: my favorite NFL team …

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Intermittent fasting blog post

The No-BS Method to Help You Achieve Your Desired Body

Stop the presses! There’s a new, revolutionary health method that will help you lose unwanted weight, provide mental clarity throughout the day and might even help you live longer, according to experts. It’s called intermittent fasting.  OK, maybe it’s not new, but it can definitely improve your health if applied correctly and you stay committed.  …

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